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The Best Museum in Charlotte

From the roots of stock car racing to contemporary Mayan textiles, there's one thing you can say about Charlotte's museum scene - it's diverse. Given the wide scope of subjects, picking the best museum in Charlotte could seem unfair. How can you compare with Junior Johnson's moonshine still with a Mexican performance mask from Michoacán or a painting by Joan Miró? What we're looking for here though, isn't so much the subject matter, but the experience. What Charlotte museum does the best at displaying and teaching about its subject? What museum makes you want to come back? Nominate the best museum in the Queen City for the About.com Charlotte 2013 Readers' Choice Award. The selections with the most nominations will move on to a reader vote. You must be logged in through your About.com account, or through Faceboook to nominate and vote. Nominations and voting totals will be updated on the About.com Charlotte Facebook page.

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