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Myers Park Walking Tour


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Welcome to Myers Park
Queens Road Intersection

Queens Road Intersection

Photo by Addie Rising

Stately, distinguished homes on beautiful tree-lined streets with some of the most beautiful churches in Charlotte...that would be the neighborhood of Myers Park. Myers Park lies just blocks from Charlotte's Uptown and was at one time home to some of the city's most prominent society members from politicians to real estate developers. So, walk with me through the streets of Myers Park to get a feel for the Charlotte of yesteryear. Let's begin!

Perhaps one of the most confusing intersections in Charlotte, the Queens Road/Queens Road intersection sits in the heart of Myers Park. Cross Queens Road West and continue on Queens Road to Harvard Place. Turn right onto Harvard Place and park your vehicle to begin a walking tour through one of Charlotte's oldest and most notable neighborhoods.

Continue north on Harvard Place to Ardsley Road. Cross Ardsley Road and turn right and continue to the intersection of Hermitage Road. Turn left and observe Lynnwood on your left at 400 Hermitage Road.

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