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New to Charlotte

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'Aerial view of housing development in Charlotte, North Carolina'
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Charlotte is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country with new residents coming to town daily. Here are some helpful tips to getting settled in this sprawling, growing area.

Finding a Home

There are many options in Charlotte when it comes to buying or renting. The city is host to many apartment complexes, townhomes, older historic homes, new construction homes and all point in between. There is something for everyone in Charlotte.
  • Buying a House in Charlotte

  • Charlotte's booming population growth has kept the real estate market ahead of the national curve and while there's been some recent slowing, it's not stopped or reversed. Here is a guide to what you need to know to buy a home in the Charlotte area.
  • Charlotte's Real Estate Area Map
    All classified listings and real estate listing websites for Charlotte have the market broken down by areas. But, if you haven't lived here your whole life, are new to the area, or looking from afar, it's not necessarily easy to determine the boundaries of these areas. Here is a map and boundary information that will help with your Charlotte house-hunting adventure.
  • Finding an Apartment in Charlotte
    If you're considering a move to Charlotte and you don't know too much about the area, it might be wise to consider renting for a while until you get your bearings and find that perfect house and location.

Finding Employment

Many people continue to move to Charlotte because of the career opportunities this growing city offers.
  • Finding a Job in Charlotte
    If you're not sure where to begin your search, let me point out some of Charlotte's largest companies, its Fortune 500 companies and some great places to look to begin your job search in earnest.
  • Charlotte's Best Places to Work
    Here are some representatives from Fortune magazine's list of America's 100 Best Companies to Work For with a Charlotte presence most notably in the fields of law, retail, finance and child care.

Once You've Moved

If you're already here, you'll need to get set up with utilities and official residency by means of a North Carolina Driver's License and vehicle registration. I'll show you how to get this done quickly and efficiently.
  • Setting up Utilities
    Setting up utilities after completing a move can be a daunting task. Here is a complete list of the Charlotte area utility providers for your benefit.
  • How to Obtain a North Carolina Driver's License
    Need assistance driving in Charlotte? Here are all the things you need to know to obtain a North Carolina Driver's License, including testing requirements, fees and required documents.
  • Registering Your Vehicle in North Carolina
    Here is a guide to registering your vehicle with the state of North Carolina including fees and required documents.

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