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Where to Get Flu Shots in Charlotte

Find clincis and availability of flu shots in Charlotte


Read more about the H1N1 Flu Vaccine.

This time of year, an especially with the onset of the H1N1 virus, where to get flu shots in Charlotte is in the forefront of everyone's mind. It's also no coincidence that flu season spans almost the entire school year, from October until April or May. And even though the flu does affect young children, it is adults aged 50 years and older who are primarily affected by the disease. So, here is a guide for everyone that chooses to vaccinate on where to find availability of flu shots in Charlotte.

If you choose to vaccinate against the flu, the best months of the year to do so are October and November.

It's also important to note that the flu vaccine is also available in a nasal spray form called FluMist.

Where Can I Get A Flu Shot in Charlotte?

While your primary care physician should always be your first phone call for the flu shot there are places all over Charlotte that offer flu shot clinics, or designated times in which they provide flu shots. To find one of these clinics visit the Carolinas Center for Medical Excellence's Flu Clinic Finder.

Minute Clinics
Charlotte area Minute Clinics also provide flu shots to anyone who walks in asking for one. Minute Clinics are located inside CVS Pharmacies.

Walgreens In-Store Flu Vaccination Program Charlotte area Walgreens also offer an In-Store Flu Vaccination Program where visitors will receive flu shots on specified dates by calling your store to schedule an appointment.

CMC (Carolinas Medical Center) has an express facility located inside the Harris Teeter in Matthews at 1811 Matthews Township Parkway, Matthews, NC 28105. This facility operates in much the same manner as a minute clinic and provides many of the same services including flu shots.

Mecklenburg County Health Department
The Mecklenburg County Health Department provides flu shots by appointment from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. at both the Southeast Campus (249 Billingsley Rd.) and the Northwest Campus (2845 Beatties Ford Road). To make an appointment, call 704-336-6500. For the county's Flu Information Hotline call 704-366-4667.

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