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2007 Charlotte Mecklenburg County Voter Guide


Mar 2 2011

Charlotte's General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007. See all the important issues on the ballot this year including electing Charlotte's mayor, voting on school bonds and voting for or against repealing the transit tax.

Issues of Note:

  • Repeal of the 1/2% Transportation Tax
    In an effort by those opposed to the light rail construction and implementation in Charlotte, a measure to repeal the half-cent sales tax will be on the November 2007 ballot. If the tax -- which has generated close to $70 million annually -- is defeated, it would cut the bus operating budget by 70 percent while eliminating the funding source for expansion of the fledging light-rail system.
  • School Bonds $516,000,000
    Voting for the $516 million school bond would allocate 68 percent of the funds toward new schools and 32 percent to renovating existing schools. School board members were ordered to shave $101 million off their initial request, and tried to spread the cuts throughout the county.
  • Community College Facilities Bonds $30,000,000
    Approving this bond would allocate funds to improve aging buildings and grounds at Central Piedmont Community College which has several campuses throughout Mecklenburg County.
  • Land Bonds $35,640,000
    Approving this bond would allocate funds to preserve land along Mountain Island Lake, expand Little Sugar Creek and McAlpine greenways and buy land for a library branch in the Steele Creek area.

Mayor, City of Charlotte

Longtime Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory is seeking his seventh term in office. Longtime state legislator Beverly Earle wants to bring new blood to the office.


  • Beverly Miller Earle, DEM
  • Pat McCrory, REP

Charlotte City Council, At-Large

Eight candidates are competing for four at-large seats.


  • Raphael Kutota Basisa, DEM
  • Susan Burgess, DEM
  • Jack Flynn, DEM
  • [ll]Anthony Foxx, DEM
  • John W Lassiter, REP
  • Edwin B Peacock III, REP
  • Dan Ramirez, REP
  • David L Romero, REP

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board, At-Large

Three at-large members will be elected to the nine-member board this year to continue improving Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Hiring Superintendent Peter Gorman was seen as a step in the right direction for this board which was under fire as recently as 2005 for the school bond defeat. This year's candidates include current chairman Joe White and incumbents Trent Merchant and Kaye McGarry.


  • Bill Clayton, NP
  • Liz Downing, NP
  • Kaye McGarry, NP
  • Trent Merchant, NP
  • Mr H P Plotseneder, NP
  • Joe White, NP
  • Julian Wright, NP

Charlotte City Council District 1

Only two of the seven district seats -- in east central District 1 and southeast District 7 -- are contested.

District 1

  • Patsy Kinsey, DEM
  • Tariq Scott Bokhari, REP
District 2:
  • James (Smuggie) Mitchell, Jr, DEM
District 3
  • Warren F Turner, DEM
District 4:
  • Michael D Barnes, DEM
District 5:
  • Nancy Carter, DEM
District 6:
  • Andy Dulin, REP
District 7:
  • Nicholas J Heath, DEM
  • Warren Cooksey, REP

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