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Gaston County School Inclement Weather Closings - Is Your School Open?

Wondering if Gaston County Schools are closed for weather? Find out here.


If you're here, you're probably trying to find out if Gaston County Schools have a snow day. That's about the only "inclement weather" we get around these parts. You're in luck though, because there are plenty of ways to find out of the kids are getting a day off. Here's a list of some of the best resources. This list will also be useful if your child attends a private school in Gaston County or a school that's not a part of the Gaston County School System.

The official Gaston County Schools' website
This is most likely the best and most up to date source. A decision to close schools or to consider a delayed schedule will be announced by 6 a.m. You can also check Gaston County Schools' Facebook or Twitter pages.

TV Stations
Watch these television stations or check their websites:
WBTV - Channel 3 (Cable 2)
WSOC-TV - Channel 9 (Cable 4)
WCNC-TV Channel 36 (Cable 6)
WCCB-TV - Charlotte CW
News 14 Carolina - Cable 14

Radio Stations
Listen to these radio stations:
90.7 WFAE
90.7 WFAE
91.7 WSGE
96.1 WIBT
96.9 WKKT
99.3 WBT
99.7 WRFX
100.3 WNCW
101.9 WBAV
102.9 WLYT
103.7 WSOC
104.7 WKQC
106.1 WNMX
107.9 WLNK
960 WZRH - Dallas 1030 WNOW (Spanish)
1050 WLON - Lincolnton
1110 WBT - Charlotte
1270 WCGC - Belmont
1390 WADA - Shelby
1420 WGAS - Gastonia
1450 WGNC - Gastonia
1540 WOGR - Charlotte
1590 WCSL - Cherryville

Gaston Gazette

If there's no announcement, assume that school is operating on a regular schedule. Should classes be canceled, that also meant that any after school activities, games or practices are also canceled. The decision to cancel an athletic event is up to the home school.

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