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The Avett Brothers


The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers hail from Concord and have made a splash over the last decade as a nationally recognized folk-rock trio.

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If you've lived in Charlotte for any length of time in the last decade you've no doubt heard of the Avett Brothers. The folk trio hails from Charlotte's northern neighbor, Concord, and is well-rooted in the Queen City having played several sold-out New Year's Eve shows at NoDa's Neighborhood Theatre. The trio's sound is a blend of folk, bluegrass and rock with flashes of country, pop and even punk to set them apart.

The Avett Brothers have released over ten albums with their first big-label produced album, I and Love and You released in June of 2009.


Scott and Seth Avett were the founding members of the rock band Nemo. In 2000 the brothers began experimenting with their now-famous acoustic sound and released the self-titled album "The Avett Bros.". Shortly after, Nemo disbanded and the Avett Brothers continued on releasing 11 more albums before signing with the American Recordings/Columbia Records label in 2008 to release 2009's "I and Love and You".

Band Members

Scott Avett
Vocals, Banjo, Percussion

Scott Avett is both a performing and a visual artist. He began painting in 1999 under the direction of professor and mentor, Leland Wallin and in 2002 he opened an art gallery in Concord.

Seth Avett
Vocals, Guitar, Percussion

The youngest Avett, Seth Avett primarily plays the guitar but also plays drums and piano. Seth Avett has released three albums under the alias "Darling", or "Timothy Seth Avett as Darling".

Bob Crawford
Vocals, Bass

Bob Crawford has been playing stand-up bass for The Avett Brothers since 2002.


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