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The State Beverage of North Carolina


The State Beverage of North Carolina

Milk: North Carolina's official state beverage

Think of a beverage synonymous with North Carolina and sweet tea comes to mind, right? That's not our official state beverage though. In 1987, the North Carolina General Assembly voted to adopt an official beverage. Following the lead of 17 other state, they chose milk.

In 2009, North Carolina was 31st in milk production among U.S. states. Over 892 million pounds of milk were produced in 2008, adding about $191 to the economy The top-producing counties in North Carolina are mostly in the Piedmont and western portionof the state. Iredell, Randolph and Yadkin counties lead the state. In 2009, there were approximately 45,000 milk-producing cows in the state.

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