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The State Berries of North Carolina


The State Berries of North Carolina

North Carolina's state berries

USDA Agricultural Research
On Dec. 5, 2001, the North Carolina General Assembly chose the strawberry as the official Red Berry and the blue berry as the official Blue Berry of the state. Both berries are vitally important to the economy of the state.

In 2006, North Carolina ranked third in the United States in strawberry production and fifth in blueberry production. Both of these berries are grown throughout the state and there are many “pick your own” farms for both. The department of agriculture provides a list of those farms.

Annual statistics:

Acres harvested: Over 1,700 of strawberries and 3,600 of blueberries.
Pounds harvested: Over 23,000,000 strawberries and 17,500,5000 blueberries.
Revenue: $17,325,000 from strawberries and $18,000,000 from blueberries.

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