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The Best Pizza in Charlotte


Around the Charlotte area, you probably won't find a food any more divisive than barbeque. But coming quickly after that, the best way to start a good food argument is over pizza. Charlotte is a region of transplants, and each new resident has their own views on the best way to prepare a pizza. While one person may love a spot on this list, someone else may hate it because it's not "their" style. So keep an open mind, and check out some of the Queen City's best pizza. For this list, I did try to stay away from chain locations. Of course, many pizza aficionados would turn their noses up at the mass produced, conveyor belt pies anyway, but it's worth noting. This list isn't in any particular order.

If you're looking at this list, and you're upset that I've left off THE Queen City's best spot, drop me a line at charlotte@aboutguide.com to let me know. I always enjoy finding out about places I may have missed. Also, if you're looking for other great dining options in Charlotte - from the best hot dogs to the best Greek, Chinese and Mexican restaurants (and more) click here to see more lists of Charlotte's best food.

1. Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe

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Intermezzo Pizzeria and Cafe
1427 E 10th St
(704) 347-2626

Intermezzo is a Serbian/European restaurant, so you'll encounter some interesting and unique menu options. But for this list, I'm focusing on pizza. The pizzas here are in between thick and thin crust, and strike a good balance of doughy and crispy. Everything is made fresh, in house. They don't even have a freezer or microwave. If there's one spot that consistently gets reviewed as the best pizza in Charlotte, I'd have to say it's here.

2. Luisa's Brick Oven

Luisa's Brick Oven
1730 Abbey Pl
(704) 522-8782

If you look at reviews for Luisa's, you'll see one thing people constantly love about this place - the New York style thin crust. The pizza here is cooked in a brick oven, and the weekday, all you can eat buffet is a lunch highlight for many in the area.

3. Hawthorne's NY Pizza & Bar

Hawthorne's NY Pizza & Bar
1701 E 7th St
5814 Prosperity Church Rd.
4100 Carmel Rd
7319 Matthews-Mint Hill Road (Mint Hill)
8410 Rea Rd.

Hawthorne's is another Charlotte spot to get New York "floppy" style pizza. The garlic knots shine here, so be sure to try them if you're in the area. They have a nice gluten-free menu as well. Locations also have nice, large patios that are great for taking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

4. Giacomo's Pizzeria

Giacomo's Pizzeria
10230 Berkeley Place Dr.

For "authentic Italian" pizza, Giacomo's Pizzeria is your spot in Charlotte. Giacomo's is a little small, but any time a restaurant fills up quickly, you know they're doing something right. The pizza here is New York style - sort of thin, floppy crust. One highlight here is the sausage on pizzas - it's actually Italian sausage - not just crumbled sausage you get at so many other places. This is a "brick oven" place, but you'd be hard pressed to just stop at pizza here. There are plenty of other excellent Italian options beyond pizza, but I'll save those for another list.

5. Libretto's

Multiple locations

A lunchtime favorite for many, Libretto's is perfect for a quick slice. Their selection is extensive, and they can make it to order. Like a few other spots on this list, most anything you get here is going to be good. And again like most places on this list, you'll find some people saying it's "incredibly authentic NY style" and some saying "not even close." Either way, whether it's NY style or not, the pizza here is good.

6. Angela's

9705 Mintworth Avenue
(704) 573-2737

Angela's is a great option for any Italian food, but since this list is focusing on pizza, you know it's a highlight of the menu here. Anything you get at Angela's is worth the trip. It's another neighborhood, family owned spot, and that shows in their food. They've got a Frank Sinatra tribute show that's worth checking out as well.

7. Pure Pizza

Pure Pizza
255 E 7th St

Pure Pizza takes a slightly different focus - local farm fresh, organic pizza. But don't let that fool you - they still make a very good pizza. Pizzas come in three different sizes and in two different crusts - traditional and a sprouted wheat/ancient grain. A nice touch here is they you're given a sample of local honey to dip your crust in. If you're looking for "healthier" pizzas, this is your spot.

8. Due Amici

Due Amici
5346 Prosperity Church Rd
(704) 948-1999

New York style is the specialty here, and if you read reviews online, it seems they're doing it right. The slices/pies and toppings are pretty generous, so it's not the cheapest place in town. But it's worth it. It's a family-owned restaurant, with Italian owners from New York City.

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