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Liberty Walk


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Liberty Hall Monument
Liberty Walk

Charlotte Liberty Walk - Liberty Hall Monument

Artie Beaty
In front of Wells Fargo Plaza, you'll find the first stop on the walk. A granite monument is located on the site of what was Liberty Hall Academy, originally known as Queen’s College. It was erected in 1913 by the Daughters of the American Revolution to honor the Trustees of Liberty Hall.

Liberty Hall Academy was built as a classical academy in the late 1700s, with plans to turn it into a college. As the American Revolution escalated, classes were suspended and the building was turned into a hospital for injured American troops, and later British troops. The college would never recover from the war. It would move to Salisbury, and Liberty Hall would reopen as a high school in Charlotte. More about Queen's College can be found at the next site. Head down Tryon towards Third St. for the next marker - the original site of Queen's College. You'll find a marker on the ground in front of Wells Fargo Plaza.

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