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Liberty Walk


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Charlotte Liberty Walk
Liberty Walk
Artie Beaty
Most local residents know that Charlotte gained the "hornet's nest" nickname during the American Revolution, and that the city played an important role in America's journey to freedom. Most people even know that the Queen City possibly even declared its own freedom a full year before the nation did. Charlotte wasn't just a part of the American Revolution though - it played host to some of the most critical events of it.

So how has the city recognized important American Revolution sites in Charlotte? There were some plaques in the ground, and maybe a stray historical marker, but nothing else. Most visitors or residents walked past these sites without giving them a second thought because there was nothing tying them together; nothing to even mark some sites; and nothing fully explaining the significance of most sites.

You'll see pavers like the one above marking the route. There are 15 sites along the way. If you can't make it Uptown, or you're just curious as to what places are honored (and what they look like today), take a look at our virtual tour of Charlotte's Liberty Walk.

If you're Uptown, use this as a guide from site to site.

The tour starts on S. Tryon Street, between Third Street and Martin Luther King Boulevard in front of Wells Fargo Plaza.

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Information on each site was taken from the marker there, from the Charlotte Liberty Walk site, or from other resources online.

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