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Historic Charlotte: Old Settlers' Cemetery

In the shadow of Uptown buildings, Charlotte's Old Settler's Cemetery provides a window to the foundation of the city.

Historic Charlotte: First National Bank Building (Tryon Plaza)

Charlotte's First National Bank Building (Tryon Plaza today) is one of Uptown's most historic buildings. Find out about its history here.

South Carolina's Tax Free Weekend

Here's everything you'll need to know to save a little money during South Carolina's tax free weekend.

Historic Charlotte Buildings: The Johnston Building (Midtown Plaza)

The Johnston Building (Midtown Plaza today) was once Charlotte's tallest building. Today, it stands as one of the oldest.

Historic Charlotte Buildings: The Old North Carolina Medical College

Constructed in 1907, this building housed the North Carolina Medical College. Today, it's the home of Charlotteans in the form of upscale condominiums.

Historic Charlotte Buildings: St. Peter's Hospital

Opening its doors in 1917, St. Peter's Hospital was the very first public hospital in the state of North Carolina. Now? It's home to condos. Find out this building's rich history here.

Historic Charlotte Buildings: The Carolina Theater

What was once one of Charlotte's most lavish buildings now sits vacant. Learn about the history of Uptown's Carolina Theater.

Historic Charlotte Buildings: The Dunhill Hotel

The Dunhill Hotel in Uptown is one of Charlotte's most historic hotels. Take a look at this building's history: both sordid and possibly haunted.

Camp Wilderness Resort

Camping at Camp Wilderness Resort near Carowinds

Charlotte Airport Overlook

Charlotte's airport overlook offers up one of the most unique views in the nation. Find out why here.

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